We created a top-class branding kit for a lead and digital tracking start-up.

What we worked on

Brand Identity UI Design Brand Strategy Logo Design

Year completed



Conleads is an innovative lead generation and digital traffic management software designed to revolutionize the way businesses attract and engage their audience online. With a focus on optimizing marketing efforts and enhancing customer interactions, Conleads offers a comprehensive suite of features to maximize digital reach and conversion rates. From advanced lead tracking and analytics to personalized marketing campaigns and automated follow-ups, Conleads empowers businesses to build and sustain a robust online presence in a competitive digital landscape.


The design team faced multifaceted challenges in creating the branding for Conleads. Crafting a design that balances professional aesthetics with a user-friendly interface proved to be a delicate task. Ensuring the branding conveys trust and innovation while maintaining a visually appealing and cohesive identity required meticulous planning. Additionally, designing elements that effectively communicate the software's advanced capabilities while remaining accessible and engaging posed a significant challenge.


Despite these challenges, Conleads has evolved into a powerful lead generation and digital traffic management software that exceeds expectations. The branding embodies a user-centric design, seamlessly integrating elements that convey trust and innovation. Privacy and security have been prioritized, providing businesses with a safe and reliable platform. Conleads' intuitive interface ensures a smooth user experience, enabling businesses to effectively engage their audience and optimize their marketing efforts. As a result, the software has successfully established itself as an essential tool for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and drive growth.